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Our inaugural event took place at the Hangar 244 at Great Park in Irvine, CA on October 1, 2021. Thousands of participants from all walks of life encountered the first Hope Fest OC ever. This historical weekend was one of incredible excitement and transformational spiritual energy. What happened continues to have an impact on the next generation.

This past year on April 1, 2023, 4,500 gathered at the Honda center with hundreds responding to the gospel followed by over 150 people, including whole families being baptized in the center of the arena.


The core vision of Hope Fest is to see lives transformed by the hope found in community as children in God’s family. Our good good father wants his lost children back and we carry the message of redemption through God’s love in Jesus Christ.


Each year we have expanded the reach and influence of Hope Fest OC, uniting God’s family from all over Orange County as leaders and Churches unite to reach the harvest.


Through creating an atmosphere through a profoundly captivating day of music, video, language, and togetherness we strongly believe the impact that one transformed life can have on another and therefore focus our efforts towards personal transformation with a community application.


In addition, resources and support are provided to aid in escaping the solitude of any of life's challenging situations. Our hope is that attendees will become empowered in making life- altering decisions and to utilize other enabling resources to help for follow-through. Emotional support from trained counselors will be available on location.


In this one incredible weekend of learning, all event organizers and participants hope to develop a greater sense of community within Orange County. Residents and visitors alike will ultimately learn of and experience the value and regard held for them by devoted area organizations already established in and around Orange County. By helping these attendees to grow and learn in their personal lives, Hope Fest OC can have a transformational impact on an entire generation.


Hope Fest OC is comprised of leaders from every sphere of society - pastors, business leaders, educators, artists, community leaders, non-profits all uniting together as a family. We are a non-profit 501c3 organization working as an extension of Hope CA - EIN 92-1319081. Celebration Christian Center a non-profit organization EIN 33-0603476 will be managing Hope Fest OC’s finances in 2024.

Mando Matthews is the visionary behind Hope CA and all Hope Fest events happening all over California and Baja California.

Due to the magnitude of this event we will not be able to follow through with our vision without the support of companies like yours. Your contributions will not only assist in making this event a reality, but will help bring an emotional and spiritual revolution to our region.


Some benefits of supporting Hope Fest OC:
• Your business/organization will be recognized on all promotional materials, including but not limited to videos, flyers, web promotions, programs, banners and other promotional materials
• With over 10,000 people attending Hope Fest OC, your business/organization will be exposed to all those in attendance and who receive our promotional items


Dear Pastor or Marketplace Leader, 

Could you let us know how you are interested in uniting together for the Transformation of our city answering the following questions.

Thanks for submitting!

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